It Starts with Technology:

We use the state-of-the-art RFID jaguar 5.0 timing chip produced by innovative timing systems. The chip is nearly indestructible (watch here) and allows results up to one thousandth of a second accuracy, 0.001. Missed reads are a thing of the past with redundant antennas that sit above making weather, number of  runners, and speed of the finisher no problem at all. Avoid tripping dangers and also blocking traffic on unclosed public roads.


Pre-Race Services

  •  Setup online registration for your event on Its Your Race (see below for more information)
  •  List and promote event information on our website
  • Post event to local running clubs to get the word out
  •  Provide race bibs for the race
    • Can be customized to fit your events need, even up to putting the runners name on the bib
  • Can supply contact information for vendors such as t-shirts, insurance, and medals
  • Help create custom paper registration form
  • Provide to do lists for:
    •  Volunteers
    •  What to do for Pre-race, Race Day, and Post-race
  •  Help arrange for your course to be USATF certified for a more accurate race.


Race day Service

  •  Data entry for all entrants on race day into the scoring software for persons who register race day
    • Can even register late runners who start a few minutes behind, allowing you to maximize money intake!!!
  • Provide and set-up finish line area on race day
  • Time and score all participants in the race
  • Produce results for all runners / walkers in the race
  • Assist with the awards ceremony
  • Instant results provided by our results Kiosk where runners can finish the race and within minutes type in their bib number and get a print out of their individual results
  •  Post unofficial results every 5 minutes during race to give runners instant feedback
  •  Provide mile markers for your race
  • Provide tables and water coolers for water stations throughout the course


Post-Race Services

  • Post of final results of the event on our website within 24 hours of the race completion
  • Upload photos that we take from your event to our website and Facebook page so people may share and re-post, creating free publicity for your event!!
  • Send results to local newspapers


It’s Your Race

  •  Our recommended online registration
  • Allows our timing system to reach its full potential
  • Instant uploads of results to the internet
  • Instant posting of finish line pictures which can be shared on social media and also be printed out in HD quality finish photos.
  • Instantly sends out text messages to each runner with their results
  • Instantly sends out emails to each runner with their results